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Police are currently looking for a burglar who broke into a Jacksonville home this week. While in the home, the burglar made brownies, surfed the Internet, took a nap in one of the beds, and left with a gun belonging to the homeowner.

According to a Jacksonville police report, a nearby neighbor decided to check on the house when he spotted the burglar, who then fled the house with the gun.

The report also states the burglar broke in by getting inside an unlocked car and activating the garage door.

The search for this brownie-making burglar is still underway.



I thought this went surpringly well with the story...

California resident Sam Wolanyk stripped down to his underwear when going through security in a Chicago airport.

“I just wanted to get to my destination with some of my dignity still intact,” Wolanyk said.

He said his action was no a sign of protest to the TSA procedures. He said he understood that TSA had a job to do, but he didn’t want to be seen nude in a screening or be ‘felt up’ by a stranger, so stripping was the next best alternative.

Instead of passing through, however,  he was arrested He was pulled aside by police and is now facing possible charges and legal troubles. Wolanyk said it was worth it.

While this story is awfuly humorous, I don’t really see the logic in it. But oh well. I think this won’t be the last crazy story we hear concerning the new TSA policies. In fact, another story aired today regarding a woman who got completely nude on an airplane. Crazy stuff!

Sam Wolanyk strips down to avoid uncomfortable searches

Actor Leslie Nielson died Sunday at the age of 84.

Nielson was known and loved for his comedic roles in spooks like “The Naked Gun” and “Airplane.”

He also played the starship captain in the 1956 science-fiction classic “Forbidden Planet.”

He made many appearances on multiple TV dramas in the 1970s, including “Hawaii Five-O.”

Nielsen died of pneumonia in a hospital near his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He was surrounded by family and friends, a family statement said.

He was a great actor, and will surely be missed by family, fans, and co-stars.

Leslie Nielson, actor

A New York teacher was suspended and fined for allegedly using an inappropriate word in his classroom last year. Now, the teacher, Carlos Garica, is sueing the city.

Garcia was suspended from his Manhattan classroon last year and fined $15,000 for using the Spanish word “cono” in his classroom.

The debate is still undergo at this time, but the majority of the argument is surrounding the interpretation of the word.

The city argues that the direct translation of the word is a slang word for female genitals, however, many others say that the word has a different meaning depending on how it is used.

The debate is still under way.

My opinion? The teacher shouldn’t have used the word if it is already controversial. But suspending the teacher and fining him seems to be a bit much. A smaller punishment would have sufficed, and then the teacher would not be raising such havoc in the city.

Here is the link of the story if you would like to know more.

Recent developments show that many afghan women have started burning themselves in hopes to escape life with their abusive husbands.

In Herat, Afghanistan, women have a reputation for self-immolation, a regional trend, according to doctors there. In a hospital there, there are 54 beds reserved for women such as these.

Dr. Ghafar Khan Bawar, a reconstructive surgeon, works in Herat to look after and help these women.

Some of them are as young as 18 years old. Some of them have children; but they have come to these desperate measures in hopes to escape their home lives. However, many Afghan burn victims have said that surviving their suicide attempts is worse than life with their husbands.

Maria Bashir, Afghanistan’s first female chief prosecutor, is currently working on passing a law to help protect women such as theses and prosecute husbands that abuse their wives.

Hopefully, lawmakers like Bashir will be able to stop abusive men from their menacing, horrific acts of violence against their wives. I can only pray that one day women in countries like Afghanistan can experience the God-given freedom that we have in America.

Country legend Willie Nelson was arrested for possession of marijuana in Sierra Blanca, Texas.

Six ounces of marijuana were found inside his tour bus on Friday. Patrol spokesman Bill Brooks said an officer smelled pot when a door was opened and a search confirmed the marijuana.

Nelson was among three people arrested for possession according to Brooks.

Nelson was held briefly a $2,500 bond before being released.

Nelson’s spokeperson Elaine Schock refused to comment when asked by the Associated Press.


I find it amusing that this story is on the news today, seeing as how it’s definitely not anything we haven’t seen before. It isn’t the first time, and I’m sure it won’t be the last in my opinion. Maybe someday Nelson will learn his lesson!

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Wille's at it again!

After more than 50 days of being lost at sea, and two weeks after families mourned their deaths, three teenage boys returned home to their families.

“I couldn’t believe my son and his boys were found again. Unbelievable,” Tanu Filo, whose 15-year-old son Filo was among the survivors, told CNN Thursday in a telephone interview.

“I was on cloud nine. I was so joyful,” Filo said.

The boys were starved, dehydrated, exhausted and sunburned when a crew member on a fishing boat two miles away spotted their 12-foot metal boat and alerted his superior.

The boat was 240 miles northeast of Fiji when it was spotted late Tuesday afternoon.

The boys had ventured off in their boat originally planning on traveling to a neighboring island. However, they got disoriented at found shelter on a deserted island istead.

The boys said they had only a few coconuts to keep them hydrated for two days. After that, they found rainwater and dead seagulls to keep their bodies going.

Two weeks ago, authorities pronounced the boys dead.

Now, they are celebrating with their families over their miraculous survival story.

Not every American family was having turkey with the family this Thanskgiving day. Many devoted shoppers were at the malls this afternoon shopping in hopes to get an early start on Holiday sales.

After a year of economic uncertainty and instability, many stores opened extended store hours this Thanksgiving, attracting shoppers to start working on their Christmas lists early.

Sears, Kmart, Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic stores were among those open this Thursday.

FOX news said last year, consumers spent about $300 million online on Thanksgiving, compared with $887 million on Cyber Monday, according to comScore.

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I think it’s a shame that more and more Americans were out shopping instead of spending time with their families today, but that doesn’t really surprise me as we continue to advance in today’s consumer-driven society.

North Korea Bombs South Korea

North Koriea bombed South Korea in a viscious attack this weekend.

Two civilians have been reported dead.

The bomb also killed two South Korean marines and wounded 18 others Tuesday.  The U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called this attack one of the “gravest incidents” since the Korean War.

President Obama has restated America’s pledge to stand by South Korea. Accordingly, the U.S.S. Washington is on it’s voyage now to meet and aid South Korea.

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Oklahoma Defeats the Bears

Bears fall to OU on Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Oklahoma Sooners defeated the Bears with a final score of 54 to 23 on Saturday night in Waco, Texas.

OU outgained Baylor by just 101 yards and had only four more first downs than the Bears. The Sooners had control of the ball for less than a minute longer than Baylor (30:21 to 29:39).

Despite the Bears efforts to come back in the 2nd half of the game, the Bears fell exponentially short.

On the upside, the Bears are still bowl-bound and will have another chance to end on a good note.

I can’t wait to see what comes next for the Bears as the football team continues to grow and learn.